Alexa To Do List Skills

Alexa To Do List Skills

Alexa To Do List Skills

Can I create a To Do list on Alexa?

You can use out-of-session messaging from your app to your skill to keep these lists in sync. You can access your custom skill's Alexa Shopping and To-Do list lists. And you can create and manage custom lists. For details about list management, see Alexa To Do List Skills.

Two of My Favorite - Alexa To Do List Skills and Todoist

To connect anTodoist account to your Alexa account: Open the Alexa mobile app or in a web browser and click Settings. Scroll down and click Lists under the Account section. Click the Link to the right of either or Todoist.

When the Amazon Echo launched, it came with a reasonably basic to-do list as one of its primary skills. 

However, if you wanted to make the most of this function, you needed to start using the Alexa app as your daily to-do list – not hugely convenient, given its somewhat limited set of functions.

This has now changed with the integration of Todoist as a different Alexa skill, one of our favorite to-do list apps. Adding something to your Alexa to-do list can cause it to automatically appear in the Todoist app on your phone or computer, alongside all your other tasks. 

To set this up, sign into your Todoist account in the Alexa app via the Lists section of Settings. Once that's done, you can add items to your list by telling Alexa to "Add [task] to my to-do list."

From to-do lists to shopping lists, lists help us keep track of everything we would otherwise forget. How often have you taken a trip to the store without a list, only to come home and remember that essential item you forgot to buy?

Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue. Task management and shopping list apps make organizing your life a dream instead of a chore.

Alexa Skills List

Alexa To Do List Skills are the most popular

As one of the most popular task manager and to-do list apps on the market today, Todoist is used by millions of productivity hackers worldwide. It offers an intuitive layout, ripe with features ready to be used to stay on top of a busy schedule. Todoist lets you create separate lists, known as projects. These projects can then be broken down further to make sublists with the ability to prioritize and label tasks for easy organization. 

Other features, like filters for specific types of tasks and Kanban boards for agile project management, make Todoist a powerful tool for getting the most out of every day.

By integrating Todoist with Amazon Alexa, you can become even more productive. You can skip opening your phone or computer by asking Alexa what's next on your list or for it to add and schedule a task for you later. If you want to cross something off your list, like buying coffee, you can say, "Alexa, completely buy coffee."

AnyList is one of the best Alexa To Do List Skills

Unlike Todoist, AnyList is aimed explicitly at shopping, cooking, and meal planning. While it can be used as a task manager, features like a recipe logger and built-in calendar for meal planning make for a shopping list like you've never seen before.

The list feature suggests products as you type and automatically groups products into categories, like dairy or produce, to make a trip to the store as pain-free as possible. You can then rearrange the categories to suit the layout of your local store. If there are items that you regularly purchase, you can create a Favorites list, enabling you to quickly add these items to your shopping list with just one tap. If you have a recipe you want to save, AnyList has a recipe manager that lets you note the recipe, its ingredients, and its quantities. Ingredients can then be added to your shopping list with a single tap. To learn more about recipe manager apps, check out our article on the best recipe managers for Android.

Bring! is designed exclusively for shopping, making your shopping experience as frictionless as possible. It uses an icon-based UI to make adding items to your grocery lists intuitive and quick. Lists can be shared with others who use the Bring! the app, so synchronizing a shared apartment or office shopping becomes much more straightforward.

The shopping list feature is what makes Bring! shine. Separate lists can be created for different stores or events. Bring! categorizes items in two ways; in broad categories, like produce or meat, and by the product, like apples or steak. Products like Royal Gala or sirloin can be further specified by quantity and variety.

Like Anylist, these broad categories can be moved around according to your favorite store's layout. Photos can also be added to make the shopping process easier for everyone.

Additionally, Bring! has a recipe stream where new recipes found on the most popular recipe platforms are suggested. The recipe's ingredients are immediately available to add to your shopping list. Alternatively, you can import your recipes found online into a recipe collection.

Bring! can integrate with Alexa, so you can easily adjust and hear your shopping lists without opening the app on your phone. While its functionality is relatively limited, Bring!'s Alexa capabilities should be enough for most tasks.

With Alexa, you can add or remove items from your shopping lists and have the list read back to you, flicking between lists if necessary. Handily, you can also be specific with what you want to add, like saying, "Alexa, open Bring! and add two gallons of milk to my list".

When heading out the door for the office, school, or a trip, do you like that one last check to ensure you have everything? With the Task Tracker blueprint, ask Alexa to run through your list.

You don’t have to be a programmer or install a third-party skill to have Alexa do awesome things like this. Select the blueprint, add items to your list, and customize it. Then, have Alexa announce the items on your checklist. Whether a list of to-dos for the day, items you need for your trip, or both, it’s up to you!

The task tracker blueprint is one of the many skills you can customize to create your very own Alexa To Do List Skills.