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Curiosity-Best Amazon Alexa Skills for learning

Curiosity is for you if you've ever needed a little intellectual stimulation, or your conversation is stalling, and you want to spice it up with something interesting. This skill presents you with two topics, you choose one, and it'll tell you an interesting fact about art, history, or science. It's like feeding your brain, except what you're providing is random.

To enable: "Alexa, enable Curiosity" or visit the Alexa Skills Store.

The Best Amazon Alexa skills: A guide to apps for your Echo

Amazon Echo travel skills

Wherever you're trying to get, and however you're trying to get there, your Echo can help – you need the right skills and questions. Of course, they can't help with delays, but this lot can make your journey easier.


Sync your Uber and Lyft account through the Amazon Alexa app to allow access, and from there, you can use the rideshare apps. Make sure your location is correct so the driver can find you. You can request arrival statuses, cancel ride requests, and even rate drivers. The Show version of the Uber app will look at your driver's ratings.

Install the Alexa app, link your account, or visit the Alexa Skills Store.

Top command: "Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride."

NYC Subway

NYC Subway has your back if you're in the Big Apple and need some help with the labyrinth that is the New York City subway system. It constantly checks the status of the subway lines, telling you which ones aren't rated "Good Service" and can tell you whether there are any issues with a specific transportation line.

To enable: "Alexa, enable Subway" or visit the Alexa Skills Store

Top command: "Alexa, ask subway for the status of all lines."

Bay Area Transit for Caltrain

BART and Caltrain are a one-two public transportation punch in the San Francisco Bay Area. While they serve different areas, both skills can be combined so one can move around the entire Bay Area. Figuring out all the timings is tough, but this skill will let you know when and where they'll stop and how they connect.

To enable: "Alexa, enable Bay Area Transit" or visit the Alexa Skills Store.

Top command: "Alexa, when is the next Caltrain?"

The Best Amazon Alexa skills for your Echo smart speaker


Amazon Echo food skills-Best Amazon Alexa Skills

It turns out that Alexa is a good sous chef, setting your alarms and ensuring you don't forget that you must pull those muffins out of the oven. But it can also help you in the kitchen in other ways. Bon appétit!


You'll find something to cook in the Allrecipes library of 60,000 recipes. Alexa will even help you, asking how much time you have to cook and what kind of food you want. The Show, it'll provide visual step-by-step instructions. If you don't have a Show, you'll get voice instructions. If you need all the necessary ingredients, Alexa can send them to your phone when you're at the grocery store.

To enable: "Alexa, enable Allrecipes" or visit the Alexa Skills Stor

Top command: "Alexa, ask Allrecipes for a recipe with chicken, bacon, and broccoli."

Save the Food

You've spent your hard-earned paycheck on food, but sometimes you've bought too much and can only finish it after it expires. That's where Save the Food comes in. You ask what the best way to store food is, and Storing the Food will let you know how to keep it fresher and last longer, decreasing wasted food!

To enable: "Alexa, enable Save the Food" or visit the Alexa Skills Store.

Top command: "Alexa, ask Save The Food how to store asparagus."

The Bartender

Easily one of our favorite skills. The Bartender helps make a cocktail, responding with the exact ingredients required and providing details on how to mix the drink. If your Echo is in the kitchen or by the bar, it would be a sin not to have this skill installed.

To enable: "Alexa, enable The Bartender" or visit the Alexa Skills Store.

Top command: "Alexa, tell The Bartender to surprise me."


If you've had a long day and can't get Eat, you can turn to Grubhub. All you have to do is say, "Alexa, tell Grubhub I'm hungry." Then you get to choose from three of your past orders to re-order. Simple.

Install the Alexa app, link your account, or visit the Alexa Skills Store.

Top command: "Alexa, ask Grubhub to order food."

Starbucks Reorder

You're in dire need of your current go-to Starbucks drink, the Pink Drink, but you know the line will be insane. So turn to the Starbucks skill, which allows you to quickly and easily re-order your go-to Starbucks order.

To enable: Install from the Alexa app, link the account or visit the Alexa Skills Store.

Top command: "Alexa, tell Starbucks to start my order."

What Beer

Do you like beer – so why not take things up with the What Beer skill? You can pretend that all beers don’t taste pretty much the same by asking What Beer to pair different foods to brews – which makes an interesting talking point until all that beer kicks in.

To enable: Install from the Alexa app, link the account or visit the Alexa Skills Store.

Top command: "Alexa, ask what beer goes with a burger?”

Food Network

If you love cooking but could be better with written instructions? The newly relaunched Food Network skill for Echo Show has video recipes hosted by your favorite network personalities. Or, you can say, "Alexa, what's on Food Network right now?" and watch that to get in the mood to cook.

To enable: "Alexa, enable Food Network" or visit the Alexa Skills Store

Top command: "Give me the recipes on TV right now."

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